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Bio Cranial Therapy

Bio Cranial Therapy promotes the realignment of the cranial bones while restoring integrity of the dural membrane. The actual procedure consists of the patient lying on their back, the practitioner picks up the head and moves around the patient and positions him/her in a very exact position to apply a pressure to the back of the patient's head. There is NO jerking or sudden movement. The patient will feel a firm but gentle stretch in the muscles on the side of the neck toward the shoulder. The patient will also feel a tension in the muscles, yet there should be very little to no pressure felt in the spine portion of the neck. The muscle tension felt by the patient will vary according to the hidden stress in the patient's musculature. The patient will sometimes feel a warm relaxing sensation in the body, and many times they will feel their nose or sinuses open, stating that they can breathe a lot easier!

The bones of the skull move. Conventional wisdom suggests that the skull is a solid structure, like a helmet, protecting the brain. Yet, the 22 bones of the skull move, with a subtle rhythmic pulsing (about 10-14 per minute) that turns out to be a significant factor in our health. The Bio Cranial Technique unlocks this surprising overlooked connection.

Bones of the skull can often become injured during the birth process. Besides the interruption of the rhythmic pulsing, once the distorted, torqued or warped pattern is established, a compensatory distortion can occur along the supporting spinal column below. This can set the stage for a variety of health issues, many without obvious symptoms.